Once There Were Billions

Once There Were Billions - student project

I'm afraid for my project, I did not do a great job of saving my iterations to show you. However, I can tell you how it evolved.

I decided right off to create a poster for one of the Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of Natural History's exhibits. I had recently made a trip to DC and visited the museum while there. I figured it might be easier to draw inspiration after a recent visit. After a few abandoned projects, I finally settled on the "Once There Were Billions: Vanished Birds of North America" exhibit. 1) I wasn't crazy about their current posters/graphics and wanted to re-imagine them and 2) It has a cool title.

This is my first time creating anything like this, so it was also my first time using Adobe Illustrator. I decided I wanted to play with the opacity of the graphics in order to emulate the birds vanishing. I uploaded a picture of a bird in flight, outlined it, filled it in, copied, pasted, rotated, and varied the opacity. 

My first version was just too dark. I also only had black and white text. I decided to change some of the text to a color to stand out a bit. My one conundrum with this one is I couldn't figure out where to add more information about the museum itself. 

Here's the final version:

Once There Were Billions - image 1 - student project

I decided to make another one to convey more information, so I uploaded a picture of the Great Auk (one of the extinct breeds), also outlined it and played with opacity and layering. Here's the final version for this one:

Once There Were Billions - image 2 - student project

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