OnContracting - find contract jobs

OnContracting - find contract jobs - student project

What it is

OnContracting is an online community and marketplace that helps professionals find temporary contract jobs at great local companies by giving them access to hard to find information and helping them connect with the best recruiters to get those jobs.

How it works

We crowdsource hard to find information like which companies hire contractors for which skills and which staffing agencies or consulting companies they use, rates that contractors make and reviews about how it is to work for a staffing company or client. We then collate this information and present it an easily digestable fashion

So now, a professional looking for contract jobs can see what their options are, self-select the best opportunities, network with the recruiters he/she feels can help them land the job they want.

Recruiters and staffing agencies benefit by becoming discoverable by contractors based on their clients and positions they place

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The Map

1. Major Players in the system

       a. Contractors

       b. Recruiters

2. Selfish reasons why each player would need their contacts/friends to join the service

a. Contractors -

  • want endorsements from friends
  • want to show off to their friends how many recruiters are following them
  • want input on whether the rate information is correct

b. Recruiters -

  • So their contacts/friends can endorse them to increase reputation
  • So they can connect with contractors friends

3. What can you charge for

a. Contractors -

  • Access to inside information-Rates, Who pays highest?.
  • Connecting with the best recruiters with best jobs
  • Access to exclusive jobs

Contractors don't always have all the information about who is hiring, for what, which are good  staffing companies, pay the most or which recruiters are good to work with.

b. Recruiters -

  • Access to contractors/elite contractors
  • listed as a verified/premium recruiter
  • advertise jobs
  • marketed to premium consultants
  • get-togethers w contractors

Recruiters are always looking for new sources for candidates, love to network, have a need to differentiate themselves as more than 1 staffing company gets the same reqt.

4. Why would they do it?

see above in italics

5.a. List the channels

Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+

5.b. how you will get that contact data


6. Create what those invites will look like

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