On the way back to camp

We were in Yosemite for for the night as a part of road trip on the way to LA. The original plan was to get there early so that we had some time to hike and enjoy the park. Naturally, things came up during the drive that resulted in us getting there a couple hours later than expected. I was bit disappointed with that, but we decided to make the most of the remaining sunlight by going to Glacier Point to see Half Dome being lit by sunset. The view was okay there, and we too few obligatory photos.

After we felt that we've seen enough, we started heading back to the car. I lagged behind to get more shots as I always do, walking along the side path and that's when I looked up and saw this family walking along the rocks towards the cliff. They were being backlit by the remaining light of the sunset and from where I was they reminded me of shadow puppets.

You can tell their family dynamics right away. Mom is concentrating on capturing the moment with her camcorder, and her younger son is sticking right next to her. Older son on the other hand is a rebel, resting his arm on the big stick he found as if it was a bat. I guess why I like it is because I caught them in the moment that they might not even remember but was just as precious as many other.


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