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On the road

I started this project while traveling, so it's not my usual morning routine, but it's certainly more photogenic than the typical stumble out of bed in the dark on my way to the gym!

Finding a great café is one of my favorite things to do when visiting a city. The first photo is from Federation Coffee in Brixton Village, London. This area of the city was new to me and is so worth a visit - if only for that salted caramel brownie!

My other café find was Katie's Blue Cat in Berlin. I had some work to do this morning editing photos from my DSLR, so I tucked into a corner with a flat white and got to it.

And in between those city visits where I was rushing around, meeting friends and seeing sights, it was so nice to enjoy a simple breakfast at my dad's house in the English countryside with raspberries and dahlias from the garden.

All originally posted on Instagram @emilyinchile


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