On the Town

On the Town - student project

On the Town is an online concierge service for small cities helping their citizens connect with community activities and find things to do.

Our goal for On the Town is to fill the void between a smaller city community and its members. Some start-ups offer services to as large of an audience as possible, but this website will focus on one single community. Hopefully by creating a successful process for one city, it will allow for duplication in other communities as well.  

The initial website will focus on the city of Mankato, MN population 40,000. Mankato is home to four colleges and over 14,000 students. It also has a significant amount of younger active parents, all of whom are looking for things to do. We believe creating one single landing zone for things to do in Mankato, On the Town, will bring the community closer together and increase involvement among members.

On the Town will rely heavily on user interaction. It will reward individuals for reviews and tips on things to do. An interests option will give users recommendations based on what they like.

We have plenty of ideas for On the Town, but at the core of this start-up is community engagement. Bringing people together offline and taking advantage of the wonderful things our smaller cities offer.