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On some days, even the birdies seem unkind...

Hi All:

First of all, big thank you to the wonderful teacher. 

Secondly, thanks to anybody reading this. It means a lot to me that you would bother to take a look!

Below, I've explained briefly the steps I took to make my story come to life:

1. I watched this tutorial twice: once like a movie without stopping anytime and the second time, stopping to take notes and really understand the concepts. 

2. This was my first time with Photoshop so I had a to stop for longer periods of time to understand what was being taught.

3. I had done a rough drawing a while ago (see below) so I decided to turn it into a short comic for the purpose of this tutorial. 


4. Since this comic is supposed to show that the girl is sad, I used a monochromatic theme because I felt it would convey the girl's sad emotion. It may have turned out to be a little more darker and heavier than I intended for it to be because I got carried away with the aribrush tool in Photoshop while doing the clouds. I just went on and on and on and then, Photoshop wouldn't let me "step backward" or command+z after I reached a certain point (if you're still reading this, do you know what the fix may be?). And then, for some reason, I liked the clouds so I let it be and did not go back to redo them. 

Here is the monchromatic theme: 


I may change the color theme with time, so this is probably work in progress. I'm excited to share it with you and I will go check out your comics as well! If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please know I appreciate every little bit of it as it will only help me improve. 

5. Then, I took it over to illustrator to add the speech bubbles and vectorize parts. 

6. And here is the final comic (I have to figure out why it does not have a border I intended for it to have so for now, here it is):


Again, thank you. I hope to connect with you as time goes by. Thank you!



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