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On my way to selling my photos

Hello, everyone 

My name's Manuela, I'm 30 and I live in Dublin. I've been taking photos for several years and I've been thinking a lot about trying stock photos website but I never really pursued it. 

I have a Deviant Art account where I upload most of my photos and, recently, I've also put some of them up for sale as prints. 


So far, I created accounts on Twenty20, Foap and Dreamstime, but only uploaded photos to the first two. I realize I need to start taking way more photos and to just shoot things, instead of waiting and hoping for the perfect moment and place. 

This week, I'll go buy some Valentine's Day decorations and cards and try to photograph those. I usually shoot flowers or urban scenes, but ever since I've joined the class I've tried to think of things I can use from around the house and how to make the most of what I have. 

The photos in my deviantArt profile are pretty much the same as the ones I uploaded to my two active accounts, except for a couple of other taken with my mobile phone. This weekend though, I've focused a bit more on the practical side of things, and shot fruit, pasta and a wood texture + I added a heart there for a possible "Valentine's Day dinner" idea. :) 

Will post V Day photos soon. 

Okay, so, week 2 of the project, I've taken around 500 photos this entire weekend, most of them of food, listening to your advice. I love food photography because it allows you to style the entire scene. 

I've also taken a couple of photos for Valentine's Day. So far, I'm getting a lot of good feedback on 500px. Here's my profile: https://500px.com/ManuelaStoicescu. I'm also uploading them on twenty20 and Foap and I have to learn more about the others. Hopefully, once I have more and more photos in my accounts I'll also start selling some :D 

And the V Day photos

I've noticed, however, that I can't find my images on Foap even if I search for the exact tags or title. Any idea why that might be happening? 

Thank you! :)


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