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Maria Rita Foti

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On Writer's Block

1. Do you think there is such a thing as Writer’s Block?

I don't believe in Writer's Block being a "curse" thrown at authors. Instead, I tend to think that the Writer's Block is like creative influenza. If you stay stressed, preoccupy yourself too much with other people's feedback and read less than you write, you are going to catch it.

2. If you answer yes, do you think you can overcome it?

Life is about overcoming things, isn't it? I think that one should never ignore the first symptoms of the writer's block. I have done this for a too long time (3-4 years?!) and I feel like my writer's block has turned to a big creative burnout. I don't think I can write anything worthy right now, but this will probably change. Life goes about cycles, maybe right now there is winter in my garden, but spring will come again one day.

3. Do you think you can become a better writer?

In this moment I am back to square one. It's hard to demand from myself that I improve after my internal resources have been depleted for such a long time. But after a break, during which I read and educate myself of the craft of writing, my writing could sky rocket. Or at least this is what I hope for.


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