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Trixia Y.




On Vacation


1. A zine about creatures appearing in unexpected places as they enjoy their vacation in our world. It would feature mainly photos with silly doodles, like this one below. 

2. Hand-drawn lettering of some sort (still thinking about this one!)



Size & Page Count - either a 1-page zine (because it's too cool) or something similar in size to a half-page with 8 pages. 

Paper - regular paper (100gsm) for the insides and something thicker for the cover

Printing - laser or inkjet. I would love to decorate it with some self-carved rubber stamps too, if I have the time.

Binding - staples (saddle stitch) 


Update (27 May) - Concept Sketches

While thinking of what else I could include in the zine besides photos with doodles, I had the idea to draw little 'souveniors' that these creatures might take back with them from their trips, such as tickets or maps.

From there, I started thinking about making a 1-page zine that look like a travel magazine. Here are some quick sketches of the layout I have in mind:


Pages 1-2

Pages 3-4

Pages  5-6

Back cover

Inside page: not sure yet

I'm just a little worried that this magazine idea will make things too complicated. The zine won't have any actual articles - the photos will be accompanied with small doodles or hand-drawn text. How can I make this idea better? Any thoughts & comments are welcome! :) 


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