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On Top

Hello, my name is Ileana. I recently turned 18 and I am proud to be able to participate in this class.

For my project I decided to combine two of the things I love most... city and nature.

I used these two photos:

I used a photo blending app to combine the two of my works. **Both photos were edited used VSCOCAM before hand** After that, I manipulated the colors of the sky to make it into a nice calming scenery.

I honestly am fascinated by the final result of my photo, because it is hard to imagine trees bigger than some of our biggest skyscrapers. So being able to manipulate my photos and make my image come true is a big deal for me :-)

This is my final result:

I hope you guys enjoy this. Thank you.

1st photo: Taken in NYC

2nd photo: Taken in Big Bear, CA.


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