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On Our Way

On Our Way is a central place to help plan your next trip. It is organized by Trips, and then within each trip, you can create Accommodations (i.e. Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals), Hot Spots (i.e. sights, shopping stores, restaurants, bars), and Notes (just for notes to yourself). 

My project is far from done, but this is a decent start. 

Eventually, I'd like to add the ability to share trips with others, easy printing, ability to re-order your items via drag and drop, and a much better view. 

Here are my links: 

  • https://github.com/kcm702/travel
  • http://dotty-spire-3989.herokuapp.com/

I've also created a dummy account, so if you want to check it out, you can sign into the dummy account and see what it is like with actual trips, accommodations, hot spots and notes, without having to add a bunch yourself. The info for the dummy account is username: Jane Doe, e-mail: [email protected], password: password1. 

Thanks for checking it out! 

* 4/14/13 Update - Since posting my On Our Way project, I've made several updates, including adding a lot of the associations so its visible to users, updating the About page, and cleaning up/fixing a few other things.

I also did the pinterest-like app, following along with Mattan:  

  • https://github.com/kcm702/kmrails
  • http://peaceful-stream-6409.herokuapp.com/


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