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Omnipresence - Leonardo Torres

The feeling I wanted to convey was the paradox of feeling alone when there's so much life around you. I took my Canon T5 out with me to get lunch with my daughter and began to discover that there was a lot going on that I wouldn't have paid attention to had I not been filming. This Project was very insightful. Editing it was fun, I ended up not using a lot of footage, but I think in the end I made the right choice.

I took into account the different excercises, like fogging up the lens which was awesome to experiment with. I also took a zip lock bag for extra creativity, then on my way I found a news paper that was inside a red clear plastic bag which you will see in the shots with my daughter and the orange tree. The sun reflected nicely I think. Anyway. Thanks for watching and please feel free to give feedback. Peace!

Thanks for the awesome Lesson Mr. Brown!


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