Omni Travel

Omni Travel - student project


Make living, working, and travelling in Canada more enjoyable and less stressful

Vision: This is a job matching platform to help people find jobs during their working holiday stay in Canada



-Provide an easy platform for people to make money and fund their travels

-Act as an agency to connect travelers to potential employers

-Match working holiday candidates to their desired job type (field of work/short term/contract work)

-Arrange online/ in-person interviews once there is a job matching

-Provide blog contents of job finding tips as a foreigner


Non Goals:

-Not a job board (Cannot browse job listings and apply to them)

-Does not provide CV training




-Age (number, must be over 18 yrs old and under 30 yrs old)

-Gender (F/M/ Rather not disclose)

-Email address

-Citizenship (Any citizenship that is eligible to work in Canada)

-Visa document (visa number?)

-Photo (optional)

-Area of Interest (Coffee shop/ Office/ Farm/ Retail/etc)

-English Requirement (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)

 -Professional Skills (Any field)

-Visa end date

-Upload Resume