Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - student project


In light of my favorite band breaking up, I wanted to make more of a tribute/homage/r.i.p. poster, so it's not for any specific event.

Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez is the guitarist/genius behind The Mars Volta, and I've really been wanting to do a portrait, so this poster is mainly about him. The loose concept is that he's entombed in this future cyberpunk/hypersleep pod. This guy is super into sci-fi stuff as well as ancient cultures, so I thought it would be cool to have him in this sarcophagus-like structure but designed with future technology.

Overall, I want to keep the composition relatively centered, have minimal type, keep the illustration really clean and detailed and limit the colors down to 2 or 3 (probably black, dark grey and a neon like limey green or hot pink). Anything neon seems cyberpunk...

I've got a few thumbnails and lots of notes. There's still lots of work to do.

Sketches - Round 1

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - image 1 - student project

and another:

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - image 2 - student project


I love the attention to detail in a lot of Mondo posters, so my design will most likely be well informed by that style. This is one of the best one's I could find that captures the style and subject matter that I'm kinda going for.

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - image 3 - student project