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I'm sorry I didn't manage to stay in the flow this past week... I didn't had time either to see your work. I caught up with this this morning, and I was astonished by all the good stuff in there, and all your life stories. :)

I did a sketch of my husband playing piano yesterday for day 5. I love hearing him play. Unfortunately, this time he played with headphones, to not disturb the neighbours (it was a little late), and I couldn't hear what he was playing. This is his fifth year of piano lessons, and he works hard, even sometimes in the morning before going to work! I sometimes say I wouldn't have the patience to learn to play a music instrument, but he keeps telling me that it needs no patience if you love it, exaclty like I don't need that much patience when I draw or paint... I think he's right...

I tried to do a quick sketch with a fountain pen (not comfortable enough with the idea of sketching directly in watercolor...). I'm not happy with thehead, next time I think I'll do it in the end, when my wrist is more accustomed to draw!

I sometimes add lettering to my sketches. This time I didn't try to copy a font I know or saw, but I thought up one of my own to match the sketch. And the idea of music.




I found that totally magical piece of wood during a quiet walk in the pine woods this summer. It captured my interest, and, even if I sweared to myself that I didn't pick nothing anymore, I HAD TO brought this one back home. It makes me think of a princess castle, or something way darker, it depends on days... I am glad I find it, it makes me dream...

I did the sketch with a pencil first, and it took me more than an hour and a half to finish it... But I'm happy I did it. I thought of it immediately when I read the prompt, but finally said to myself that it woud be too hard for me to do. But I managed to draw it. I'm somehow proud of myself. :)


This is how the piece of wood looks like in real, and you can see it without the purple backgroung, too:




Since I am pregnant, I'm putting a lot more of care in the choice of the things I eat. So, this is my new breakfast : banana, almonds, dried apricots, prunes, and a mix of muesli, nuts and dried fruits.

I have to admit that I don't usually put the dried fruits that aligned when it's supposed to be eaten right after I put them in the plate each morning!  But it looks better for the painting... ;)

I used the white crayon technique to leave highlights on the prunes. So easier to do this way!



My little sister got married last week-end, and their guest's gifts were a little bag with a very cute keychain with a photo of their adored cat, and a small little plant, which seems very unusual for me. First because of the shape and color of the plant itself (I don't know its name) , and because I didn't expect to find a plant in the bag! I do love the idea. I hope I will be able to grow it at least a bit in my home...

I managed to disciplined myself not to sketch with pencil first, and dive directly in watercolors this time.




I already did self-portraits before (thanks to Elisa!), and I agree with myself that it's something especially hard to do. But this time, I decided to raise the level a little higher by showing a little bit more than only my face, because I'm happy to announce that... tadaaaa...  I'm 3,5 months pregnant ! That is why you can see a little 'baby bump' (that is not excess food...).

Thank you Elisa to give me this opportunity to draw again (too tired to even think of looking at a pencil these past few weeks...).

Can't wait for the days to come!




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