Olivia's Workshop


I'm a little bit late, but I'm happy I managed to do all the prompts of this workshop. I did learn a lot, thank you Elisa. And thank you Britt, my workshop partner, that was great to get to know you through your paintings and progresses.

Day 2: Still life / seldom used things

It may sound weird but what I found as a rarely used object is that kitchen tool. In fact, I am very tired since my baby was born (a year ago now!), and my husband and my daughters help me a lot with the house. In fact, they almost do eveything, from cooking to washing the ground. I'm really really thankful for them...

I tried painting outside the lines and using another color. That was a lot of fun!


Day 10: What Matters / Unforgettable Experience

I had to ask my family about this prompt, becauseI had no idea at all about what to paint.

My oldest daughter had the idea of a show we attended 4 years ago, and yes, that was a terrific and unforgettable experience. For me mostly, because I really love that band, but for all of us too. It took place during our first trip abroad ever (first time on a plane too!). These 14 days were all unforgettable and we often talk about them, but the cherry on the cake was this U2 show in the Madison Square Garden in New York.

So I attempted to do a painting from one of the hundreds photos I took during the show. It made me hear the music again! It could have been even better if I painted with this music on, but I have to hear the baby if he cries...


Day 9: What Matters / What's valuable for you

Family. With no hesitation, family is what matters the most for me. I'm disapointed because I don't manage to go loose, but I put the image there anayway. I tried, and it's the best I could do for now. And in the end, I'm very happy I did this drawing of my favorite photo of our 3 children.

I tried to do a colored background, then to sketch loosely on top. But I ended on putting every detail with pencil, then add pen, then again watercolor for the shadows...


Day 6: Beauty in the ordinary / uninspiring things

I picked the first thing I saw on my desk, and it was that tiny bottle of India Ink.

I'm sooo happy I finally achieve to do some loose something! I didn't paint all the subject, left white spaces, and even painted outside the lines! I looked at Elisa's YouTube video of her seldom used things to help me. And you can tell it worked. I'm proud AND eager to try another one. Voilà. :)


Day 8: Rest / Favorite place to rest

I don't particularly like resting on a chair or something like that, but that's what comes to my mind when thinking about this prompt. Because what I love best about resting is not really a place: it's when the sun warms my back, soaking my entire body in its healing warmth... I love this sensation som uch that even thinking about it makes the feeling emerges...

So this is my attempt at a loose illustration of a deck chair. I'm a little disapointed because what I had in mind was trying to apply the lesson "painting outside the lines". And I didn't manage it. I don't know how I could do it with this subject. I have to try it again later, I suppose.f22c8cb7

Day 7: Rest / What rest looks like for you

Rest, for me, is when that angel's face is sleeping, and it's the most beautiful thing ever, If I can sleep with him, it's even better!

I tried to apply the "patches of shapes" lesson to color this one. I found a ref picture on internet (no time for searching through my million of photos to find a suitable one, as I only wanted to find the right mood), and I went direct with pen, and then watercolor on top. I'm not comfortable with the baby's face, but the overall look suits me.

And I worked on a larger sheet of paper. Much easier to go loose. Lesson learned!



Day 5: Beauty in the ordinary / Things we overlook

Who really look at the things we eat? Certainly not me... But this time, this kiwi caught my attention before I ate it, with its rich color and the way the seeds are artistically arranged around the white center. 

I tried twice to make it looser. But these attempts are not yet what I want them to be.

However, I did eventually realise that in order to paint loosely, you have to paint large. I really think that my postcards are not great to be loose, my arm (and my brain) are too constrained to possibly let go.

(first try on the top/second one on the bottom)


Day 4:  Work / Work environment

As I'm not currently working outside my home, I tried to sketch the desk I'm used to paint on. I made a selection of the objects I wanted to draw..  it's not at all that tidy usually!

I think I tend to be confused between 'working loose' and 'working fast'...I sure have a lot of way to go to be loose, but I know I'll manage it someday!


They say 'better late than never'... So here I am, trying to catch up with the prompts !

Day 3: Work / Tools you use for work

Here is my little and precious helpers when at work (my actual work is mothering my baby boy, i'm still at home with him for a few months before going back to my "other" job!



Day 1: Still life / food prep

Trying to loosen up... but gosh, is it very hard!!!

here is my breakfast of the day: some toasted bread with slices of cheese and oat and dried fruits with almond milk.

As I'm trying to be loose, no pencil sketch first on this one, only very light guidelines in watercolor.



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