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Cecilia Villegas

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Olivia Pope & Associates

I've always found interesting the fake companies and brands that are created in the TV series for their characters- let's face it, even Walter White needs an indentity for his "work", right?.

This are usually very well thought out and specific brands, yet it is a shame that we hardly ever get to see the graphic identity of them. 

I used the opportunity of this tutorial to develop a fun Logo of one of my favorite TV series main Character: Olivia Pope from Scandal and her company Olivia Pope & Associates. 

First, as I always do in my projects, I made an inspiration moodboard to get a sense of what I wanted to represent aesthetically. 

Her (fake) PR company strives to assist the top VIP's of the political world and Handle any problem, crisis and strategy (just considered it handle, like she often says). They manage their client's most dangerous and deepest secrets and situations in the most elegant way.

Her team is pure expert power, having among them: the information digger, a computer hack genius (among other attributes), and the sweet-talking lawyer. They literally do anything to help their client. They are the "gladiators in suits" and "if there is a problem, they WILL fix it".

Olivia Pope is the Face, Heart and Head of the Company, a strong, extremely capable and successful women who has the confident to speak her mind, make the hard decisions and take action to do needs to be done in order to solve a problem. Yet she doesn't strike like a cold women, on the contrary, you also see her soft, feminine and, compassionate side. You can get a sense of this trough her wardrobe, Professional Suits but in a very soft, neutral color palette.

With her unique and elegant style in mind, along with their general dynamic of knowing, handling and solving very one's secrets, were my two inspirations for this Logo.


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