Oliver Wilde Baseball Club

Oliver Wilde Baseball Club - student project


My name is Randy and I am a Graphic Designer/Illustrator, and along with a couple other friends, started the brand Oliver Wilde. Apologies for the late post, but I was out of town.

I have been a fan of Johnny Cupcakes for a while now, and what i like about the brand is the attention to detail and care that goes into every product. With every design, i get the feeling that it wasn't just something that was thrown together without much thought or a lengthy process to get to the finished result. I like that JC products have a sense of humor about them, but can also be taken seriously and the presentation of those products is top notch. I think so many people overlook the importance of product presentation, and I havent seen a brand that puts more thought into that than JC.

Oliver Wilde is a lifestyle brand that focuses on duality. Duality exists all around us in every part of our lives. The idea is that there is always an alternate path, no matter what the situation. If we choose to embrace this alternate path by stepping outside of our comfort zone or thinking outside the box, we can potentially have the best of both worlds. Being the creatives that we are, we choose to share the idea of this powerful lifestyle through art and design. In this case, our blank canvas happens to be a blank t-shirt - one of the most powerful and communicative mediums to share art. Below is a quick moodboard of the brand:

Oliver Wilde Baseball Club - image 1 - student project

For this class, I have chosen to focus on designing to a theme of vintage baseball theme. There has always been something about the logos and mascots that are so captivating, and an iconic part of american culture, specifically the older stuff. You can see a huge influence of vintage illustration, cartoons, and typography. 

Oliver Wilde Baseball Club - image 2 - student project

Oliver Wilde Baseball Club - image 3 - student project

For my project, i would like to create a mascot or logo for a fictional baseball team called "The Wilde." I think that there are a lot of opportunities to do some 50s era cartoons, or hand-drawn typography. Since the theme of Oliver Wilde is duality, one design features a double-headed eagle, with wings spread out on one side and closed on the other. I think it would be cool to do a cartoon of a double-headed eagle holding a bat, kind of like some of the vintage MLB cartoon logos (St louis, Baltimore). I think the idea would even work with a male cartoon character. I would love to hear any advice, feedback, or ideas anyone might have! Thanks and I am really looking forward to working with everyone! Sketches to come soon...