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Marisa Perez

Rome, Italy



Olive Tree

Hello, My name is Marisa I live in Rome, Italy.

This is the original picture from an olive tree in movement I've made in the south of Italy, it's part of an exterimentation I'm doing with motion images to create inmpressionism photography.


From there I've used Photoshop Touch to duplicate the layers and overimpose them manipulating transparency, embedding both levels, and this was the result.


I've decided to change the colors with VSCOcam ( Great app I didn't know, by the way) using the A5 filter, and changing some settings like  and the final result is this

 I wanted it lighter to emphatize the specular effect on the earth - sea in movement impression- 

Great condensed Class it has given me new and amazing ideas of things to do with my pictures and how to reinvent my personal projects. Thank you Chuck Anderson

This is my site www.marisaperez.net and my

Instagram account http://instagram.com/marisaper/

Fantastic project too on the gallery. 

Ciaociao Marisa


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