Olive Branch Pattern

Olive Branch Pattern - student project

This class is exactly what I've been looking for! I've taken several pattern design classes on Skillshare, but I prefer to work in Procreate rather than switching over to my computer, so my process always stalls out when it comes to finishing pattern ideas.

I decided to start with an olive branch pattern. Here is my original sketch and the conversion to the repeating corners:

Olive Branch Pattern - image 1 - student project

The hardest part of the pattern making, I found, was trying to be consistent with the drawing style between the original sketch and the filler sketch, since it wasn't as easy to reference what I'd already drawn because it was broken up in the corners. This, I imagine, gets better with practice and possible isn't an issue with other types of patterns.

Olive Branch Pattern - image 2 - student project

Once I was happy with the new filled-in pattern sketch, I tested it. I made a few adjustments and ended up with this:

 Olive Branch Pattern - image 3 - student project

I liked the drawing suggestion of using a filled shape then outlining it with a more textured brush to add a more handmade look to the pattern. I found that worked best for my normal workflow and style. I used a custom Monoline brush to create the shapes and the 6B Pencil to outline them.

 Olive Branch Pattern - image 4 - student project

And here's the pattern combined:

Olive Branch Pattern - image 5 - student project

I duplicated the tile in Procreate to test the repeat:

Olive Branch Pattern - image 6 - student project

I really enjoyed the ability to mess with the colors in Procreate. I'm not sure why I hadn't thought before about keeping the elements separated to be able to adjust the colors independently!

Olive Branch Pattern - image 7 - student project

In the process of playing with the colors and repeats, I did find a few more areas to adjust the pattern to make some more refinements and to open the pattern slightly for a bit more breathing room.

Olive Branch Pattern - image 8 - student project

The hardest part was settling on a color scheme!

Olive Branch Pattern - image 9 - student project

Janis Hurst
Designer and Illustrator