Olea Andaluz

Olea Andaluz - student project

In one sentence: Olea Andaluz's Natural Soaps, beauty products, and oils are handmade with Andalusian Olive Oil in small batches from saponified olive oil, shea and coco butter with pure essential oils added for aroma. 

The problem: Lack of organic beauty care from Andalusia. I wanted to create some using Spanish Olive Oil from the Sierra de las Nieves region of Andalucía, in the south of Spain where the family has been producing Olive Oil for generations. 

My solution: To create skincare and olive oils rich in minerals and antioxidants made in Andalusia.

The MVP: The current product offering includes bars that are hand-cut and air-cured in our shop before sale, scrubs, oils, and accessories. Our products contain no parabens, or phthalates and are vegan friendly. Andalusia, Spain is the world's largest producer of oil olive and it produces the best quality olive oil. By producing here, I know the quality is the best.

Eventually, I would like to open a spa where the olive oil grows and offer products, treatments, and wellness excursions.

This business has many layers and I would to work on each part with care.

1. Describe your startup idea in 2-3 sentences

Elevator Pitch: Olive Oil for the Mind, Body and Soul

Who’s it for? People searching for a spa experience that provides natural products, treatments, and wellness excursions, in a natural setting where the products are produced.


2. Identify the biggest holes in your startup idea (top 3)

Competition from other European Spas

Finding Reliable Employees and Investors

Finding Customers who want Wellness and fitness in Spain


3. MVP Solution (that solves your top problem)how does it work? You Arrive At the Wellness Retreat, where you are have the option of hiking, biking, yoga, or spiritual sessions. There will be gourmet organic food baskets with only food made on the property. Then you can get a Spa package and/or products. You can have time to rest to visit the town or property. There will also be tours to near by towns in the Malaga and Costa del Sol area.

4. Create an Actionable Plan first success metric: Garner interest from Spas locally by giving samples

Goal: Do local holiday fairs and get 100 emails, Run an email marketing campaign and get 100 likes on Twitter and FaceBook

Solution to hit the goal: Invite friends and friends of friends to like the page.

Week-long experiment: 
Daily updates on the page and website


Use GoogleAdWords to do testing on the website

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Olea-Andaluz/405650876163444 (in progress)

Website: http://fbsgn.hueto.servertrust.com/ (in progress)