Oldies but goodies Influence Map

I grew 


up in the early 80s so this is my influence map. I started drawing by copying Snoopy from the Sunday comics. I loved the big round shapes in Charles Schulz drawings. When I realized that I could draw Snoopy pretty good, It gave me confidence in my art. I also LOVED watching Tom Hatten draw the cartoons from a squiggle before the Popeye episodes... Does anyone else remember that? Anyway, this was an interesting exercise since I hadn't really thought about the things from my childhood that have influenced me and now that I see I love LINE drawings from my love of Shel Silverstein, Tom Hatten's squiggle drawings and Snoopy. Did anyone else have a Barbie Fashion Templates? I know, I'm really really old... probably not. But those were cool because you could design an outfit by putting different templates under a piece of paper and then rub the design out of it. I don't know how that affects my design sensibility now. But Pee Wee's Playhouse was all silly, and I still love silly. I probably should draw more silly.


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