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Brian J. B.




Old fashioned Chromolithography vibe

After playing around a bit, I ended up creating a multiplied mix of a vertical and horizontal stepped striping for my halftone pattern, which generated a result that had a vintage vibe to me. Not the halftone pattern itself, but the generated result. When applied at a larger scale, it has more of a halftone effect look to it, but when applied at a much finer scale, it starts to look like a vintage chromolith postcard or crummy video screens (either way, I thought the result was cool). Loved the class, and look forward to playing with the possibilities of effects. (these view much better without as much moire when at full scale)

I found that when applying this type of halftoning on the image, I had to increase the brightness of the original photograph by 75% under the halftone mix, or the end result was extremely dark. 



(original photograph)


(small, but larger scale implementation of halftoning)


(finer scale implementation of halftoning) - also kind of reminds me of those fake motion waterfall pictures.


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