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Old characters, new designs

Hello! Over the years I've developed quite a back log of characters I eventually want to put into stories. I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to start fresh with new characters or go back in the past and re-design some old ones. Since I've been picking at a revised version of an old story of mine, I went with the latter.

Anyway, I'm really excited to see everyone's characters! For this project I'm re-designing two characters, Elliot and Lira. The story is set in a bustling medieval-ish town, so the characters will be wearing clothing loosely based off of that particular period.

1. Concept Sketch Creation

Elliot - Tall, dark and awkward, the protagonist of a romance comic I attempted during one summer a long time ago. Elliot's the designated delivery boy for a popular flower shop in town, and a favorite among the shop's female clientele. He's got a fast pair of legs, but the guy always lands himself in the most ridiculous situations.

Other than the hat and shoes, Elliot's design hasn't changed much from the old one. But because the story is set during the peak of summer, I might have to change his outfit for the full-body turnaround. Running around in long sleeves and black tights doesn't really seem practical. Poor guy! X_X

I'll post some alternative outfit ideas later in the week, but for all I know my brain could be playing mind games (again) and the design is fine the way it is. Let me know what you think! :)

- Karen (11/21/13)


Wow! Thank you all so much for all the feedback. I'm a little slow but rest assured I will be leaving comments on everyone else's projects soon enough!

Lira - The girl working the flower shop and Elliot's love interest. Knows her way around arranging the perfect bouquet for any occasion. However, she hates red roses with a fiery passion and goes out of her way to never sell them if she can help it.

Again, her design is also a work in progress. Like with Elliot, I'm trying to find a balance between making their new look distinct yet not too fancy cause they're not rich people. XD For now, I'll move on to the head turnarounds and keep updating this project with alternative outfit ideas as I get closer to the full body turnaround stage.

Would it be helpful for everyone to know a little more about the characters and the story? I forgot that a character's personality and history largely informs how I should design them so whoops! My bad for leaving those parts out. xD I'll get to adding some of that info when I can.

- Karen (11/22/13)

2. Head Turnaround

My brain is fried. I did six views here, but for the full body I'm gonna limit the torture and do four as outlined in the assignment. X_x Anyway, let me know what you all think! And thank you again for all of your lovely comments, I really can't say that enough. Your feedback motivates me to do more and more. <3

- Karen (11/24/13)

3. Expressions

Been a while, but finally here is the expression sheet for Elliot. Busy month December was, but here's to a new year! :D

- Karen (12/31/2013)


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