Old-Time Fiddle Folks Tune Manager

The Background

Old-time fiddlers play by ear and carry an astonishing number of tunes around in their heads. Unfortunately, that makes it easy for old-time fiddlers to get muddled. I know. I'm an old-time fiddler.

"Um, what was the name of that tune I just played with amazing skill and danceable groove?"

"I know Forty Miles From Georgetown without Any Whiskey like the back of my hand, but how does it start?"

The Basics

Old-Time Fiddle Folks Tune Manager will

1) Give fiddlers a place to maintain an online tune list with fields for title, key, source, ABC notation, mp3 example, and more.

2) Let fiddlers create focused play lists to take to jams. All the tunes in the key of D? No problem. How about all the tunes with "possum" in the title? A breeze.

3) Allow fiddlers to quickly remind themselves of forgotten tunes and tune names.

The Cool Stuff

4) Create a way for fiddlers connect with others who share the same tunes.

5) Store mp3 field recordings for tunes on the lists.

6) Track a tune's jam-play history

7) Create a practice review schedule to make sure no tune gets overlooked

And more!


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