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Old Soul Clothing

What inspires me?

I was super excited to take this class because Marc Ecko inspires me. In fact growing up in New Jersey and wearing some of his first shirts was when I said to myself this is dope I want to do this. Lots of brands were emerging at that time but none were as raw and real as Ecko's stuff. The rags to riches style of startup inspired me and always has. When I started my first line SYN clothing in 2000, I went to the Magic show in Vegas. All of the biggest brands were there, but I couldn't find Ecko. That's because he set up a tent in the parking lot. WTF! So of course I snuck in posing as a buyer and took part in indulging in the fantasy of knowing one day this will be me. He had the runways, catered lunch for everyone and I was seeing all the fresh stuff. I was impressed and inspired.

I find inspiration all around me. City living, underground electronic music, obscure sports, technology, world events. In fact I have an idea that has stuck with me for a long time.

"There is no original idea anymore."

We are all inspired by the same world. Our job as artists and business owners is to expose people to what is in our heads. Either we get it right or we die trying.

I have failed more times than succeeded. Painfully I even closed the doors of Old Soul Clothing in 2008. Every store that carried our line was a boutique mom and pop shop, and almost instantly they went under with the recession. GM filed bankruptcy and I said to myself, either I will be on ship that is sicking or I can bail out now. I let go of all of my employees, settled all outstanding balances, and I went to work a corporate 9-5 job. The result was me hating my life for 5 1/2 years because my heart wasn't in it. Everyday I knew that Old Soul would be reborn.

How do I sum up Old Soul Clothing and my neumonic device?


Yay Area Lyrics

Oooh, (Who you loyal to?) Loyal to my soil

I started listening to E-40 one of the biggest hustlers of all time. I like the phrase "Loyal to my Soil"

Loyal to my Soil was the concept behind the Urban Organic Line. Loyal to mother earth, loyal to your city, and loyal to yourself where ever you stand. The strongest tree is only as strong as it's roots.

I also find great inspiration these days in Buddhist culture and Yogic Philosophy. I recently became a certified yoga teacher in Costa Rica. I believe the philosophy and discipline will be the power that helps our society attain a higher level of conciousness.

I also have the belief that when it comes to sponsoring artist and athletes,

"We don't buy em we breed um"

and we

"We are the kings of the Urban Jungle"

Old Soul Clothing® – Time line

1999 – Greg Mason started printing up the first shirts promoting the house music and break beat electronic music scene in phoenix, AZ. These shirts said “got Breaks?” and “got House?" with Eternal Dj’s and the year on the back.

2002- Drop Beats, Not Bombs shirts were released. The name of the brand was officially labeled “Little Break Gear” LBG for short.  The shirts made very little impact and made very little money for the company. Not a success.

2003-2005- New designs and new structure was brought to the company and “Old Soul Clothing®” was officially trademarked.

2005-2008 - Starving artist collection and Urban Organic Collections were born. The Starving artist collection captured the the evolution of where art and computer graphics met. The Urban Organic collection focused on Organic materials for construction of garments and creative art with music and culture.

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