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Old London-under-Sea

I started by looking at typical shapes, typography and styles from the the era.

I loved that there is almost an optimism that shines through a lot of the designs I saw – reaching for the sky, travel, adventure... even a lot of the layouts and illustration involve breaking out from boundaries such as the extending of details over block shapes etc. Even clocks had sunrays!

Contrast features heavily – 
• typography – thin scripts at an angle against either heavy extreme condensed or extended slab serifs or sans serifs. Tightly spaced letters with really spaced out forms.
• Illustration – thin scribbly wirey details over large curvy blocks of colour.
• furniture– blocky cuved forms on impossibly spindly legs. 
•Layouts – large blocks trying to constrain the info but elements break out over the edges. White space features a lot.
•contrasting bright colours - reds with blues, sunshine yellows and oranges etc.

So these sketches were from my research. I got very carried away with Pinterest. 

I really liked this theme of optimism and exploration but rather than space and skytravel I've decided to extend the otherway and go beneath the surface of the water. In many ways the concept is the same - instead of flying cars there are submarines. There are strange creatures, interesting shapes made by the vegetation, lack of oxygen.

So these s

I've decided to pick London as my city. I know it's an obvious place but it's the city I'm most familiar with as I've lived on it's doorstep for over 40 years! But I'm choosing to look at it in a different way (I hope). So...the back story for my illustration will be this:

...In the long future, the London we know and love now, will have sadly sucumbed to rising sea levels. This wasn't by some overnight catastropy though, no one got hurt! It was a gradual thing that the city has gradually adapted to and continued to thrive. Above the surface of the water sits the New London and beneath the waves is the Old London.

Architecture gradually adapted to keep rising (eg could be a floating city or on stilts) but I kind of like the idea of buildings on spindly but strong screw thread tripods that can revolve and rise out of the growing tide. Old London is still a tourist attraction that can be visited by special submarine trips. There could possibly be a glass shaft down into it. The whole old city could be encased in a giant glass bubble like an oversized snowglobe - a remnant of earlier water defense systems. 

Might possibly design it like a tourist poster - "visit new underwater horizons" kind of feel.
Not sure if this works as an idea but will certaininly give it a go! I'll add sketches soon.


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