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Old Kitchen House

My project started with scouting a few locations for an interesting photo to work with.  We live in a small town so I decided to grab the kids and visit our town's Museum of historic homes.  This a kitchen facility for a home built in the 1860s.  I loved the barrel and the texture of the wood and the little bit of growth over the window next to it.

Here's the original image without any edits.  

For my first edit, I wanted a vintage/old negative look so I took the image into Snapseed, boosted the contrast, cropped to a square which worked well for cropping out the sign and getting the reflection in the window, which my eye seems drawn to, closer to the rule of thirds.  I also did a little selective adjust after applying the filter to tone down the whites where the curtains are. 

For my second edit, I really wanted to make the texture pop so I brough back some of the saturation of the colors and tried an HDR/drama look in Snapseed.  Then I warmed the tones in VSCOcam.  This probably turned out to be my favorite of the bunch and it added some drama to the otherwise flatter lighting of an overcast day.

Lastly, I wanted to try a black and white version (I think I went with the green filter option in Snapseed for the extra contrast) so I kept some of the high contrast look and ended up warming to a sepia tone in VSCOcam.

I was excited to play around with mobile post processing with this project as that's something I haven't really use much in the past, but it opens a lot of new doors for mobile photography!


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