Old Growth Creative

Old Growth Creative - student project

"Old Growth Creative is the artistic endeavor of Nick Nortier.  With a focus on illustration and mural painting, Old Growth Creative aims is positively impact our world by bringing color and life to otherwise mundane and dull areas.  Public murals have the ability to brighten up andy space and create what is most valuable in any city: public pride and creative capital."

This is a short elevator pitch I wrote today.  I was unsure of including my name in the pitch or just using the company name.  I ended up keeping my name in it because I am fairly well known around town (Grand Rapids) and it could serve to my advantage.  Once I break out of this city though and bring it elsewhere, does it remain necessary?  

I am currently in the process of rebranding myself and phasing out www.NickNortier.com and phasing in www.OldGrowthCreative.com.  I hope to be finished with this shortly, although the SquareSpace gallery isn't working out exactly as I planned so I have to figure that out first.  I am working on my social media strategy and plan on taking the Modern Marketing Workshop class after I finish this.  If you would like to check it out, my facebook page is Old Growth Creative and my instagram is @OldGrowthCreative.

I currently have a few logo designs in the works.  Although I'm happy with them thus far, I feel like they're still not quite where I want them all to be.  I plan to use these as sticker and t-shirt designs as well as inner tags for shirts.

Thanks for this class, it's helping push me further.  My next step is to move out of the home studio and into a collective print shop studio here in town.  I also want to purchase a bucket lift truck this year in order to paint murals without having to rent a scissor lift.  This would make me more competitive and desirable as an artist to hire.  Plus it would be badass if it were painting like a giraffe.