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Old Glory

                                                 Step 1: Selecting Your Text

I have chosen to adapt two poems into my screenplay, both from "Spoon River Anthology" by Edgar Lee Masters, Harry Wilmans and Henry Phipps. I basically read over every single poem from all three of the books, wrote down my favorite ones, and realized that a combination between Henry and Harry would be very unique. I feel that thc combination is very entertaining, original, and intelligent and I'm very happy with the text I've selected.


                                             Step 2: Drafting Your Screenplay

Analyzing the Poems

Now, the story of Henry Phipps is him poem is basically this (dumbed down version):

"A man is a superindendent for Spoon River's sunday-school. However, he works as a puppet to Thomas Rhodes, the owner of the greedy town banker. This is due to Henry's son working for Rhodes. Henry lived out his years doing exactly what Rhodes told him to, and everybody in town knew it. Then, the bank failed. This lost Henry money, yes. However, what he lost in money, he gained in freedom. He was now free to do as he wants, free of Rhodes' clutch. Then he dies of cancer."

My story takes place shortly after the bank closed down. This is a dumbed down version of Harry Wilmans' poem:

"One day I was at the opera house and was watching a speech by Henry Phipps. He was promoting the value of the American Flag. I fell in love with the flag ever since. I went to the Philipines for a military operation and kept the flag with me everywhere I went. When I died, I had them put a flag on top of my grave."

Somehow the idea came to my mind that the gist of the story should be about a broken man who needs something in his life to accomplish. He can't find something obvious, so he decided to go on a smaller scale: convincing an audience why there should be a flag outside of an opera house in a short speech.

Themes and Symbols


Research and Developement


                            THE SCRIPT                           

Draft #1 :  


Draft #2 :


Draft #3 :


Draft #4 :


Draft #5 :


(Full) Final Draft :


                                                  Step 3: Writing Your Logline

"After serving as a political puppet during the civil-war era, a superintendent attempts to prove he's in control of his own life by convincing a town to raise an American flag outside of an opera house."


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