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Old Fashion Elixir/Medicine/Whisky/Moonshine

Sorry for the delay on this class. I got pretty busy with a bunch of projects this past year and got side tracked. Well, anyway. Here is what I have so far for my label project that I originally intended for this class. The name of the liquor is called Shrunkin Head Louisana Moonshine. So far its in sketch and early Adobe Illustrator stage. Enjoy.

This past year, I also created a few labels for a local winery called Javens Family Vineyard and Winery.

Shrunkin Head Louisiana Moonshine 2014

For this project I was torn. I originally wanted to create a very basic beer label that reminded me of growing up in Minnesota. But lately I have been drawn to an old Elixir bottle that I got at an estate sale. The labels are really a work of art. I am drawn to the scroll typography on many of the Snake Oil/Elixir bottles of the 1800s. Many of these potions were just chemicals thrown together by a Doctor or anyone for that matter for the sole purpose of fixing peoples ailments. My thought is that the bottles contained mostly herbs and whisky. That fact led me to the thought of old whisky bottles. Many brands during the 1800s had the same detailed artwork on most of their labels as well. I am in love with the detail that went into these labels. A lot of the labels from the 1800s seemed to be created with a doctors name and a detailed picture of him on the front. I am assuming that this was a marketing ploy to get people to trust the product.

For my project I am going to create a totally new and made up brand of Elixir/whisky/moonshine. Pretty much the same thing, all of which will cure what ails ya.  :)


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