"Old" Dog/New Tricks

One of my favoite subjects these days is my dog, Leopold. This one I took with the back camera of my iphone upside down as I was actually getting ready to do a puddlegram but realized he was so fixated on the traffic speeding by that it was a last minute change of plans. It was early in the morning so the lighting was amazing and the storefront in the back ground just fit perfectly behind him. 


Another two photos I incorporated into this project are actually "orphan photos" from my portfolio. Photos that were outdoors of plants and flowers mostly but, now applying the new concepts from class in regards to edits. This fresh take on what makes "next level" content makes me look at my "old" work with a fresh set of eyes and the edits that are possible with these POV are leaps and bounds beyond my previous work. Super excited and inspired to have another outdoor photoshoot soon!




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