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Brendan Hufford

Chief Happiness Jedi at Ok! Kimonos



Ok Kimonos LookBook


My lookbook will feature only 3 items, but will seek to exemplify the feeling and community that has grown around my brand:

Children - My brand is the first and only BJJ brand that puts kids first so children and child activities will be the focus of the lookbook.  In all shots, especially shots with adults, I'll seek to make the child(ren) the focus of the shot.

Fun - Lots of other grappling and fightwear brands push a very hard and agressive overtone with names like 'Contract Killer' and I feel my brand to be the exact opposite of that.  We are the Johnny Cupcakes to their Affliction.  

Nerd - My brand pulls inspiration from deep within nerd culture.  Growing up playing all sorts of MmoRPGs, tabletop wargames, and reading fantasy/sci-fi novels, I am heavily inspired by those aspects of our culture.  This will be reflected in some of the non-BJJ shots like the hadouken and vader.

I think one of the best parts about this lookbook is that is will feature the product in both a training environment and non-training environment.

Shot List

Ok Kimonos is the original kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Company.  Based out of Chicago, IL, I've sought to put kids first in a market typically reserved for adults.

Some shot ideas include:


  • Hadouken
  • Vader


  • Coloring / Homework
  • Pull up bar
  • Feet
  • Over-shoulder


  • Clarking
  • Leg Lasso
  • Double Guard Pull
  • Cartwheels

Shot examples:





Jiu Jitsu

Daughter standing on Father's feet (wearing gis) - can also be husband/wife

Awesome inspiration from Dom of MIMIC.  Great shot Dom!


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