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Ojo de Dios: Weave a spiritual piece to your home

-------------------------   WEAVING AN OJO DE DIOS HUICHOL   -------------------------

About a year ago I found a video that show how to weave a basic ojo de Dios, I have seen this pieces in several souvenirs shops in Mexico but I never thought I was going to be able to make one.  For some months I reviewed tons of videos and put together all the tips I found useful before creating my own piece. 

Went to the local market and bought the cheapest yarn I found to later realize that it wasnt a great idea :D I used several sticks and decided that the ones for the fajitas were good enough.

After a year and a bunch of yarn I wanted to share the knowledge and get rid of some of the yarn I had so I invited some friends over and we make some Ojo de Dios (God's eye)  We had a good time! 


This is my first skillshare class where I want to share the basic techniques of weaving an Ojo de Dios while explaining  the meaning of this beautiful craft. I hope this class inspire you to create your own Ojo for your home. 

****I have added 20 free enrollments for the first students,  so please ENROLL FOR  FREE  and enjoy theclass *****

Lesson 1:  Introduction 

Lesson 2:  Overview, What is an Ojo de Dios Huichol

Lesson 3:  Let's prepare the sticks

Lesson 4:  Colors and Materials

Lesson 5:  Tidy up the drawing

Lesson 6:  Double Side Diamond Pattern

Lesson 7: Dagger Pattern

Lesson 8: Interwoven Diamond Pattern 

Final Thoughts


Hope to see an Ojo de Dios at your home! 

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