Oindrila's Project


Oindrila's Project - image 1 - student project

The first image is an adaptation of a brass lamp that I use at the home temple (it is actually very similar to the lamp holder used in the class for teaching). I imagined it to be an octopus-shaped bath bowl for a  whimsical bird-fish. 




Oindrila's Project - image 2 - student project

The second image is an adaptation of my space heater. It actually has these regulators on its head that actually resembles eyes. I have imagined it to have face for quite some time now actually. Finally turned it into this frog. I found it quite interesting to how the heating coils in its gut resembles intestines!! :D It almost looks like that my space heater has butterflies in its stomach! :D


Oindrila's Project - image 3 - student project

What other than hand sanitizers in this season of pandemic!? I imagined the bottle of hand sanitizer actually developed duck feet and made friends with these corona virus molecules and now they have contaminated the botte! :D