Oil Pastel Sunflower

Oil Pastel Sunflower - student project

Thanks Rebecca for this very easy to understand and clear step-by-step class! I haven't used my oil pastels much yet, this is only the second time. Having not much experience with it, I have no idea of the quality of what I am working with, but I like it for a change! It is a different texture, I find it messier than watercolors (or in a different way), so I had to get used to the texture first. 

I am one of these people with no picture of flowers in my camera (or the rare ones I do, don't respond to the criteria for this class), so I looked up 'yellow flowers' on Unsplash. I had a tulip in mind, but then this sunflower popped up, and I couldn't resist! It is one of my favorite flowers, thanks to Vincent Van Gogh!

I drew it on a blue sheet of construction paper following your guidelines, and I really like the result! The only thing I don't have is a blending stomp, and I was afraid of messing it up more with my fingers, so I rolled up a corner of some construction paper that I was going to recycle, and there it was, an improvise blending stomp!

My sunflower:

Oil Pastel Sunflower - image 1 - student project

The reference photo:

Oil Pastel Sunflower - image 2 - student project

Claude C
Acrylics and watercolor artist