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Oil Essence Jewelry

I'm using the weebly website, and simply chose what I could from that site.  I'm not sure if there is a way to import fonts.  The lorum ippsum is what I decided on.


I played with the colors.  Also finding a font that would match the tone of each line.  I hope I'm onto something....


I'm getting a little stuck with the various lines of my jewelry and would like to assign a color for each.  I took inspiration from tea, food, essential oils, and soap. 

I like the bright colors and toning them down a bit.  I'm still deciding on my color pallette.  This is very difficult for me.  I'm fickle with colors, it's like chosing your favorite child.



Christina Cole is a glass artist for 17 years making jewelry to provide healing.  She is developing a new line of Oil Essence Beads.

A brand identity that reflects my personality and jewelry. I also need to figure out how to distinguish the different lines I offer withing my Oil Essence Jewelry line.

 Target Audience
Conscious people, mostly women, 25-65. Already into essential oils and can use my products as a tool.

Oil Essence Jewelry offers a creative way to diffuse your favorite essential oil so you can experience the benefits of aromatherapy all day.

There are only a few other businesses out there that offer oil jewelry.  PixieGlass is probably at the level I would love to be with my jewelry business.

 Distinguishing Characteristics
-As a healer and caregiver I love to help people.  I am also a Certified Hypnotherapist and use essential oils in my practice.
-I’m a hot glass artist and found my niche in combining my art with healing.  I also make memorial beads for people who have lost loved ones and pets.
Together Again Memory Beads.
-Since 2000, I’ve been teaching flameworking and love to share my skills.
-Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and consciousness is important to me. I can provide a creative avenue with my jewelry lines to help heal many aspects

 Creative Considerations
Not too boring, legible font with slight flair.  I love ethnic designs, henna or Indian designs, Thai, Indonesian, designs.  I love the onion, trillium shapes.  I also like the spa bamboo look.  Perhaps teals and or greens, and other bright and heather colors?  

 Tone or Key Words for the business


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