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Oho House // Styling

Oh, hi. 

I'm Melissa. A photographer in Minneapolis. I've been a lover of interior design + interior styling for basically all my life but putting it into practice can be tricky. Add in the fact that I just can't keep a plant alive to save my life and I'm just basically done for. 

Can't wait to share and collaborate and become expert stylerz with you all. 




NEEDS: The room has to function as a space used to watch television / relax-in which means it has to be functional but also be a cozy space where you feel inclined to kick your heels off and pour yourself a glass of wine (or two).

SHAPE: There are many complimentary rectangles in the space but there are also softer/round shapes in the light fixture, couch, green botanicals, the swoop of the curtains and even the roundness of the candle holders to soften the hard angles.

COLOR: Admittedly, this is a space full of neutrals but the touch of green in the two botanticals take the space from snooze-city to cozy-in-a-chic-way-ville. 

PATTERN: If there's one thing I would add more of to this space, it's pattern. You do have the zebra pattern from the throw on the couch, however, I might add a bold patterned black & white bowl to the stack of books on the coffee table. 

TEXTURE: The same zebra throw on the couch adds the most texture to the space but there is also texture within the mirror frame, bushy plant and even in the frame on the TV console.

PLACEMENT: There are sweet little vignettes of objects all over the place; on the coffee table, the placement & stacking of the frames on the far wall and (from a different angle, maybe) a collection on the TV console. 

BLING: Silver dog & armor-man statue. Boom.

BOTANICALS: Without the botanicals, I think the space would feel lack-luster. THANK GOD for these little floras of goodnees. 



Dear 100-year old Condo. 

I love you but you have quirks. I dream of blank white walls, floor-to-ceiling windows and open concept like-woah but until that day, I will love you for your coziness, your charm and your wood floors. 


Coffee Table // 
I feel like the story of my life is that I like it, but I don't LOVE it. I really love the ottoman/coffee table and I really love that bowl but the rest of it just doesn't feel finished. AND the remote resting in the bowl just kills me. There's a functionality missing there that I don't know how to fix without putting it somewhere else.

Sofa // 
I'd love to say the couch is temporary but temporary is going on 10 years. We've done a decent job of making it work but I'd love to know how to take it ALL to the next level.

*Photo to come.

Console //
This is my trouble area. I think the first starts with a fresh coat of (gray) paint for that blue wall but I'm also constantly switching out the vignettes on top without any great "YES! THIS!" moments. Also, as much as we love movies (and clearly...we do), I'd love for our guests not to see how deep our movie obsession runs. 

Bookshelves //
Another like but not love. There's some refining to be done since it feels really cluttered. And while the functionality has to be in those baskets, I'd love it to be less obviously, "HEY, I'M STORING STUFF!". Oh, and it's in my office so it HAS to be functional AND beautiful.

Bed // 
Not going to lie, I LOVE my bed. I do. I love it. But it lacks the oomph. And in a room as small as ours (without nightstands, yikes) the bed needs to really be a powerhouse of goodness. 

*Photo to come. 


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