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Oh, is that all?

The most difficult part of the process for was choosing a tool. I decided to go with a combination of Google Calendars, Evernote, and Omnifocus. I found omnifocus the most simple to navigate and it semed to have the most flexibility to expand as my needs grew. 

I took this class while reading Getting Things Done and it was the perfect partner! Even after the initial brain dump, I have already begun to feel less stressed and more productive. I am an event planner at work and I think this new system is going to help me manage tasks better than ever! Additonally, I am in the middle of a job search so this was perfect timing! 

Perhaps the biggest change for me was finally getting control of my email! When I began this class, I have over 2,700 emails in my inbox! I currently have 10. 

I have always been able to get things done, but I believe this methodology will help me get things done AND be far more stress free! 


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