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Marianne M. Michel

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Oh hell yes!

Hey fellow creatives!

I was delighted when I saw the Reaction GIF Challenge coming up – Thanks for this great fun class! Looking forward to creating that gif!

1—Choose your Reaction

Earlier this week I was talking to a friend about whether I should carpe diem and take the train up to Salzburg for a short spontaneous vacation even though that would mean 12 hours of time spent travelling for a short 3 day trip. After a short pause, we both enthused "Eh scho!!" which loosely translates to "hell yes!" and which is the phrase I'm going to choose for this project.

(That short vacation is also the reason I'm a bit late for this first step. But truth be told, spontaneous trips like that are always worth it! ;) )

Here's a quick set of sketches, trying to get an idea for where I want to go with this...


2—Tracing the Lettering





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