Oh deer!

I cannot express how happy I am with the results of this course. Thank you so much Ana! I might have discovered my style. I enjoy details but I didn't ever practice anything like this where I "invent" the details. I have a problem with simplifying things so this helps me with keeping the details in but maintaining each element to be bigger to fill in with patterns. I didn't document the whole process and added things as I went. What helped me the most with this obviously is the texture process but also the bonus class of choosing/mixing your own colors. As Ana said, it makes the project look more unique when you have no idea what the color used is called because it's just a mush up of every green or blue. I took a very long time making this piece but having in mind that details like this takes long, it was quite meditative. I'm so excited about my future projects. Again, thank you for this class Ana!ad42b749



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