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Andrea Ruygt

Yeah, you know...so...huh?



Oh baby give me one more chance...

I threw a party for all my school friends in a grungy basement, where the rain was leaking down the walls from outside.  No one seemed to mind, too much.  We were dancing to great music and doing our thing.  

The band I'd hired to play the gig was the Jackson 5.  They were a bunch of quiet, shy guys, holding their instruments with stone faces as they waited for the cues from their band director between songs.  It was strange to see them so timid, but they didn't know yet how huge their career would be.  Still, I knew.

They had retro instruments, and I was intrigued by it- their outfits, their amazing hair...

We all danced so hard to the music.  I really let my limbs flail around, no restraints.

More dreams on the way!  I love this project.  My instagram handle is @annieruygt.  Thanks for the lovely videos and class, Elle!


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