Oh, You Pretty Things.

Okay, I know what you are thinking...So much texture! Yes, its true..I was inspired by texture. Lace, florals, ivy, embroidery, it all grabbed my attention. All this texture screams romance and sure lets be romantic but what about adding a more edgy twist with the darker swirls or with the top of the fence points that caught my eye. The first image I pulled for this moodboard was the lady in the dress. Not only the texture caught my eye, but the color as well. Ombre is huge and I'd love to play with it. These images have a sophisticated, modern touch to them like a classy lady not afraid to dominate and thats exactly what I want to bring into my designs. Feminine and beautiful but with edge. Oh, you pretty things...

Original Sketches

I wanted to incorporate some of the shapes and silhouettes from my mood board. The black swirl design I fell in love with and wanted it to be apart of my designs. The triangle diamond shape design came from the design on the bottom right corner of my mood board. When I saw that picture, I knew I wanted to add that to a temple. The middle design, is my favorite. That design really gives off that feminine feel yet dominate shape I was wanting. It was fun to be able to look at my mood board and take the images I saw and create these designs. Enjoy!

Illustrator Sketches



                                                         Materials and Color


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