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Oh Wind City

I had the fortune to live in Chicago for a year, there were times I walked around the city just like trashhand. Shooting alone in the crowd can be a magic experience, connecting with yourself and immerse yourself in the city. 


(I spotted on this scene by accident, the little girl was chasing around her mom, and laughing, running, having so much fun. All of a sudden the little girl stopped and spread her arms for a hug. It was such a soft moment for me to capture it---Motion) 


(Took the bus and encountered this lovely couple, the old lady was laughing and the man was contemplating, very interesting contrast, but they look harmonious---City Portrait)


(At night, there's this fire place in the restaurant, I saw the dancing spirit, so vibrant, so cheerful, so warm and so inspiring. Fire always connects to the origin of mankind---Night Shot)


(It was an afternoon, still walk around the city street, look up and saw this shadow on the wall, so beautiful and unpredictable. And I was fascinated by the shapes and contrast---Look Up)


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