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Alejandro Herrera

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Oh No Nos

I am working on a type sequence with a quote from Tom Haverford, a character from one of my favorite shows Parks and Recreation. I'm not too familiar with the layout of After Effects or if I can export my slide sequences a jpegs, but I'm kind of just going to learn as I go.

The quote is -

When I'm Dating someone,

I have a list called my


If a woman commits a


It can


the relationship

90s R&B

is #3 on the

OH NO NO list

Girl don't even know who



-Tom Haverford

Parks and Recreation


I figured out how to save stills of each slide. Here they are below.


I finally finished putting together the video. I had a lot of fun playing around with the different techniques and After Effects and know that there is still a lot to learn from it.

Some notes:

  •  I made the mistake of not fitting my background to my frame (CTRL + ALT + F) after rendering my queue and had to resize and fix all of the components of the animation. It took a little longer but was a good lesson learned.
  •  I changed the color scheme to match the background noise I heard in the audio. Blue for blue skies, green for grass and yellow for sunshine. I mean it is from Parks and Recreation after all.
  •  I had to really change some things once the audio was added and I wish there was a way to listen to audio while you work instead of previewing but I haven't figured out of it that is possible yet.

Here is the final product! I'm pretty happy with it. The audio moved so quickly that I had to cut out some animation techniques, but I am happy with this version of it. Thanks for all tutorials Jake!

Oh No Nos (Parks and Recreation)


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