Oh Man! Clothing


Nam Ho (Oh Man! is my name backwards!)


Minimum Work. Maximum Fun.

Mission Statement

Oh Man! Clothing was created to encompass a lifestyle: "Minimum work. Maximum fun." If you are passionate about what you do in life, it should never be considered work and should always stay fun--this is the philosophy we live by. Through craftsmanship and attention to detail, we are a team that puts together high quality garments, because it is what we love to do. From the typical urban dweller to the streetwear enthusiasts, we strive to emanate our lifestyle to others through our handcrafted garments.



The Sun, Star, and Moon logo represents both time and timelessness. The concept of time is a man-made concept determined by either the Sun or the Moon (depending on which type of calendar is accepted in a person's country). On the other hand, the logo also represents timelessness, because for us humans, these astronomical symbols were here before us and will be here after us. Although it is proven that our Sun and other Stars in the universe will eventually expire, we as humans will never outlive all of these celestial objects. I chose this logo, because ultimately, I want our brand to be timeless, but also keeping up with the times.

Inspiration Behind Collection

This season's collection was inspired by my 4 year college experience. OMC took on a new definition this year; rather than "Oh Man! Clothing", it was re-done into "Oh Man! College" to reflect the academic theme. It's been a long 4 years in college, but as I reach my exit point, I've come to realize that it has also been so fruitful with knowledge (both street and book smarts). OMC wouldn't be where it is today without all the wonderful people I've met and all the everlasting relationships that I've made. It is because of you guys that we are still here.

So consider this a dedication to everyone that I've met over the past 4 years that has supported me through all of my endeavors--a dedication to you.

Conclusion: Why Oh Man?

When I was 16 years old, I thought I had my life planned out: I would grow up to work in business finance or some closely related field, and that would be the path for the rest of my life. That very summer, I applied for a finance internship at a corporate company in my home town, San Jose. I was motivated and determined to get this job, and after rounds of interviews, I was officially the youngest person to be working at this company of over 3000 employees. As summer vacation passed, I sat in a 8'x8' cubicle with no view of the outside world. I spent 40 hour work weeks filing papers, getting spoken down to by angry adults, and crawling under other people's desks to check for the company's fixed assets--I was having a glimpse of my planned future, and I wasn't liking it. That summer, I promised myself that I would never go back to working in a cubicle or stay at a job where I was unable to be creative. I needed to find a way to combine my love for business and my love for art so that I could be more than just a regular, freelance graphic designer. Ultimately, that summer more than 6 years ago helped me make the decision to start Oh Man! Clothing.

I chose the name "Oh Man!" because it is a heteropalindrome of my name Nam Ho (my name backwards). The symbolism behind "Oh Man!" is that all of my clothing is a relfection of myself and my art. In a sense, I am personally co-signing my name to every piece that I release, and I would never release something that I would not personally wear. When I started my company in 2009, I built it from the bottom-up and did everything from designing, to packing orders, to marketing. Over the years, I have expanded to a team of 3 people who not only believe in the company, but more importantly, believe in me as a friend and entrepreneur. Likewise, I am thankful for how they have helped my company get to where it is today.

But why do I continue to do Oh Man! Clothing? Every season, I become more and more passionate about making clothing. I genuinely believe that there is no roof to how much you can love doing something if you do not set one for yourself. To me, there is no feeling more rewarding than opening a box and having a first look at the finalized garment you had spent hours designing and perfecting. Seeing everything finally come together and knowing that you will create an amazing customer experience for someone is worth all the late nights of designing. I am proud to say that I love what I do, and I hope that I will have the opportunity to show that to you, Jeff.


Nam Ho


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