Oh Darling, Let's Be Adventurers

I'm a big fan of challenge and adventure! I've worked in wilderness education for the past few months (climbing rocks, paddling canoes, and hiking trails, mostly), and have recently become an intern for a senator. It's been quite the change from having my daily job be to exercise consistantly to sitting at a desk. I'm still trying to keep active by taking stairs, running around the office, etc, but it's hard for me to stay fit. 

Thus, I want to make becoming more fit an adventure! I want to seek out the healthiest foods to eat, learn to enjoy daily exercise again, and seek out creative ways to challenge myself. Maybe that means making the time to go on hikes, or maybe it means creating tasty, healthy meals that I actually look forward to. 

These are the adventures I hope to embark upon:

  1. Rock Climb at least once every other week - I'd like to be able to climb 5.10's consistently and lead 5.9's.
  2. Homecook healthy meals 2x/week - Baking is wonderful, but I want to channel my addiction to some more savory things. 
  3. Be more aware of what I'm eating - I'm using a calorie counter app currently, and it's been revealing. I'm not quite as healthy as I thought. Especially when it comes to late night snack attacks.
  4. Cut down on my at-home computer time - I think decreasing it gradually to 1.5 hour a night is fair, no? Same goes for all electronics (TV, I'm looking at you!) And what is going to replace this time you ask? Reading!
  5. Allow time for dream adventures - 8 hours of sleep. Each night. Going to sleep by 10 on weekdays and midnight on Fridays/Saturdays. Which leads me to:
  6. Doing Yoga every morning - Part of why I don't roll out of bed is because I'm frequently exhausted in the mornings. Thus more sleep = earlier mornings = better starts for better days!

It's happening. And this is going to be my most fun adventure yet!


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