"Oh Baby" Script Lettering | Skillshare Projects

Shinah Chang

~budding graphic designer~



"Oh Baby" Script Lettering

I got really inspired by the ribbon text example given in one of the earlier videos. Here is my refined sketch on tracing paper:


And here's a purple version with highlights. This took some painstaking work tracing with the pen tool, dividing and shape-building, and applying gradients to each small piece. Not sure I like the shiny look - I find it kind of gaudy, so I'm going to play with it and see if I can't modernize it a bit. 


A version in flat blue:


Martina had the great suggestion to try a two-color effect, so I did a version with a gradient in darker blue and a more subtle gradient in a lighter blue. I think it gives the "ribbon" so much more dimension. Thanks for the tip =)



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