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Ogre Woodsman

Alright, so the character that i've decided to create for this class is an "Ogre Woodsman". Not sure what exaclty what that is, but it sounded interesting when I wrote it down,

Here are the brief description notes that I wrote down for him:

-large frame

-thick, but not overly muscular

-tattoos & scars

-kill trophies

-weaponry is NOT subtle (clubs, axes, etc)

-not evil

SO. Bearing all the previous information in mind, I created the following thumbnails:

I actually don't usually create my artwork this way (even though I probably should) so the silhouette process was really fun an new for me. I haven't quite decided which one I like best yet so if anyone has any suggestions I'm definitely game.

I'll post more updates as they are completed!


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