Often Spontaneous, Rarely Planned Change

Often Spontaneous, Rarely Planned Change - student project

My map is for me, my partner, my family and friends. It's a visual tale of ephemeal life along the Pacific. It's an exciting story with zigs & zags, dashes and splits- even a period of stradling Los Angeles. In a sense, this work will continue to evolve as my tansient nature takes me on new adventures, calling new addresses home. Eventually this map might extend beyond costal California but for now the locus occurs where sand and sea collide. 

This map is alive! It changes when I change. More moving means more action to put on the map. 

Most people are qualified to tell their own stories; some aren't. I think I'm of the former but decide for yourself as communication ensues.

Target audience? Come one, come all!

I'm an idea person. To many (& I mean too many) ideas and to little time for execution, hence, no shortage of possibility. This map project is a blank slate for creative flow. It will respond to the environment, creative energy and collaboration from the group. I can't wait!

In searching for inspiration (and here it is) I'm finding a pull towards maps that have mysterious intentions & tell stories about their creator. Colors, shapes, gradients, symbols, numbers, letters & word arrangement= things to think about.

As we get into the nitty-gritty of discovering out inner cartographer, I'll likely need your help with scale & distance, colors vs. b/w, indicating direction, texture & topo, whether or not to include my nomadic periods (travel abroad, without a US address) & how to represent them and finally, how to keep this map alive (a dilemma of space?).

Dand Drawn Maps- Exercise 1

So the general idea here is to represent all of California. But my first draft is completely boring (I'm exercising my editing ability). Perhaps I need to work with exploded views... yeah, exploded views. Here is a close up of the places I've lived in in the bay area drawn in about 5 minutes. See?! it's complete with pictures and cross streets. I sorta like that it's not to scale- that's soemthing I'll ask you for help with later.

It's difficult to see but each red arrow has a # in it to represent what happened & in what order. Southern California is in there twice.

Often Spontaneous, Rarely Planned Change - image 1 - student project

Well that's my first try and paper isn't my favorite medium so I'm exploring some additional options to get the creativity flowing...

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